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AR Calling

  • Boosting AR Calling Efficiency
    Boosting AR Calling Efficiency

    Boosting Augmented Reality (AR) calling efficiency involves optimizing the performance and user experience of AR communication. Whether it’s for AR video calls, AR conferences, or AR-enhanced teleconferencing, here are some strategies to improve efficiency ..

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  • AR-Specialists
    AR Specialists

    Accounts Receivable Specialists, also known as AR Callers, are professionals in the healthcare industry who keep track of medical claims/bills from insurance companies and patients. In addition, they follow up on partial and pending payments for medical claims/bills.

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  • Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare professionals
    Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare professionals

    Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is caused by SARS-CoV-2. It was first discovered in January 2020 in Wuhan, China, and it immediately spread to the rest of the world. Due to its rapid increase, WHO announced it to be a pandemic.

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  • How to improve English skills
    How to improve English skills

    Improving one’s English skills is vital in today’s world. English is a very important language to learn while living in a diverse country like India. With every state having its own local language, English connects the whole country. Below are a few tips that one can follow to improve their English skills.

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  • Future of WFH
    Future of WFH

    The future of work, like working from home a lot more, looks pretty plausible. The pandemic has forced many employees to the WFH method. According to Forbes, ‘By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month.’

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  • IT-ITES-Industry-MedConverge-India
    The IT/ITeS Sector of India

    Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS) are also known as web-enabled services. They certainly play a crucial role in contributing to the Indian Economy. In fact, this sector is the fastest-growing sector in India and provides job opportunities to various fields like biotechnology, technical, accountancy.

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  • Professionalism-in-the-Workplace-MedConverge-India
    Professionalism in the Workplace

    Professionalism in the workplace is a combination of behaviors and characteristics that an employee must have to be professional. Likewise, the way an employee carried themselves also plays a role into how professional they seem.

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  • Importance-of-soft-skills
    Importance of Soft Skills

    Soft skills are character traits and interpersonal skills. They influence how a person interacts with others. They also affect one’s dynamic with those around them.

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  • Basics-of-English-Grammar
    Basics of English Grammar

    The first step to becoming a good English speaker is to know the basics of grammar. English grammar is a territory many people fear. Breaking it down, though, learning proper grammar isn’t that difficult. Hence, let us look at some of the main topics under the basics of grammar.

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  • Tips-To-Improve-Basic-English-Grammar
    Tips To Improve Basic English Grammar

    One needs to learn tips to improve basic English grammar for several reasons. Before going into the improving part, let’s first find out what grammar is. Want to improve your English grammar? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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  • How-To-Develop-a-Neutral-Accent
    How To Develop a Neutral Accent?

    English is spoken in most countries. Each country has an accent that is native to it. Indians have a host of regional accents. As a result, on occasions, it is difficult for people from different countries to communicate effortlessly.

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  • AR Calling Training Institute in Hyderabad, India
    Job Opportunities in AR Calling

    An AR caller must have a keen eye and excellent communication skills to be good at their job. They need not have a degree in accounting, but experience in that field could be an advantage. AR callers are next in line after medical coders and billers in US Revenue Cycle Management.

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