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  • Importance-of-soft-skills
    Importance of Soft Skills

    Soft skills are character traits and interpersonal skills. They influence how a person interacts with others. They also affect one’s dynamic with those around them.

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  • Work-From-Home
    Work From Home

    Work From Home or remote working, is the concept of working from a place outside the workplace. The idea of work from home has been around for many decades. Nonetheless, it is seen as a modern approach to work.

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  • Basics-of-English-Grammar
    Basics of English Grammar

    The first step to becoming a good English speaker is to know the basics of grammar. English grammar is a territory many people fear. Breaking it down, though, learning proper grammar isn’t that difficult. Hence, let us look at some of the main topics under the basics of grammar.

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  • MedConverge Company Team
    Working for Small Companies

    Employees of small companies often find themselves learning a lot more when compared to those working in big companies. Here are a few advantages of working in a small company.

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  • Tips-To-Improve-Basic-English-Grammar
    Tips To Improve Basic English Grammar

    One needs to learn tips to improve basic English grammar for several reasons. Before going into the improving part, let’s first find out what grammar is. Want to improve your English grammar? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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  • How-To-Develop-a-Neutral-Accent
    How To Develop a Neutral Accent?

    English is spoken in most countries. Each country has an accent that is native to it. Indians have a host of regional accents. As a result, on occasions, it is difficult for people from different countries to communicate effortlessly.

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  • Staying-Fit-While-Working-A-Desk-Job
    Staying Fit While Working A Desk Job

    It is important for the human body to stay fit and healthy. However, it is completely necessary to stay fit while working a desk job. Instead of sitting in an air-conditioned room, it always works to have outdoor meetings while walking. Walking refreshes the body and mind.

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  • How To Improve English-Speaking Skills
    How To Improve English-Speaking Skills

    People worldwide grab any opportunity to improve their English-speaking skills, and India is no different. It is a vast and diverse country. A total of 23 official languages are spoken all over the country.

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  • All-About-EMRs-and-EHRs
    All About EMRs and EHRs

    With the Digital Era at its peak, the world is utilizing technology to its fullest. People can do jobs digitally now, as compared to the past. The latest technological advancement is the introduction and development of EMRs and EHRs.

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  • What is ICD-10?
    What is ICD-10? How does it help?

    What is ICD-10? ‘International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems’ (ICD) is a medical classification list of codes created by WHO to help develop a universal code for doctors and insurance companies worldwide.

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