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Tips To Improve Basic English Grammar

One needs to learn tips to improve basic English grammar for several reasons. Before going into the improving part, let’s first find out what grammar is.


Cambridge Dictionary defines grammar as, ‘The study or use of the rules about how words change their form and combine with other words to make sentences.’ In short, grammar is known as a set of rules followed to govern the language. It helps understand the written and spoken language better.


People speak English around the world. Poor grammar leads to poor communication. Therefore, we need to learn good English grammar. Using the right articles to using proper punctuations, having good English grammar ensures smooth delivery of the message.


Make a commitment

One must be committed and open to learning. It is better to go for it without hesitation. Besides, it is always a good thing to improve one’s English grammar.   

Review the basic rules

Every language has grammar with an underlying set of rules. One must review and keep in mind these rules. It is important to understand the logic behind certain rules. This makes one remember the rules better.


Reading is considered the most effective way to improve one’s grammar. The more one reads, the more their grammar improves, be it magazines, newspapers, or novels. Moreover, books are always published after lots of editing and care. Hence, the chance of finding grammatical errors is less.


Listen carefully while speaking to native English speakers and observe their grammar. Grammar is just as important while speaking as it is while writing. However, there are differences between using grammar while speaking and using grammar while writing.


People say writing is the best way to memorize something. Remembering the rules of grammar while writing is most effective.


It becomes easier to spot mistakes when one speaks out loud. This method of proof-reading is recommended as the writer has the opportunity of correcting their own mistakes. This will remind them not to make the same errors in the future.

Practice everyday

‘Practice makes perfect’ is a very true quote. Practicing grammar every day will enhance one’s speaking skills and, in turn, make them more confident. 

Expand your vocabulary

One of the most important things in English is having a good vocabulary. Pairing that up with grammar makes one better understood.

On the other hand, it is always essential to know your audience. Not everyone may have the same vocabulary and might not understand what the other person conveys.

Communicate with people

Use proper grammar while communicating with others. This will help one to improve their grammar and also become confident in speaking.

Watch English movies and series

Watching English movies and TV series help to improve one’s grammar while speaking. Additionally, it gives a feel of how a particular sentence or phrase sounds. While grammar is important, it is also crucial to have good English pronunciation and body language. All these points combined help one to get their point across.

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