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medical billing

  • Work-From-Home
    Work From Home

    Work From Home or remote working, is the concept of working from a place outside the workplace. The idea of work from home has been around for many decades. Nonetheless, it is seen as a modern approach to work.

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  • MedConverge Company Team
    Working for Small Companies

    Employees of small companies often find themselves learning a lot more when compared to those working in big companies. Here are a few advantages of working in a small company.

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  • Avoid Data Entry Errors in Medical Billing
    Avoid Data Entry Errors in Medical Billing

    How to avoid data entry errors and why it is important to avoid them? A data entry person enters data into a computer from electronic databases or non-electronic data like forms and printed records. The job of a medical biller (or a medical coder) has two main aspects: data processing and data analysis.

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