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Common Cardiology Codes

Here are some commonly used cardiology codes that medical coders and billers working in the US RCM industry should know before coding and billing cardiology encounters. Let us start with a list of common ICD-10 cardiology codes used in US healthcare medical coding and billing.

Common Cardiology Codes (ICD)

Cardiovascular and Ischemic Disease

DiagnosisICD-10 code
Cardiovascular disease, UnspecifiedI25.10
Atrial FibrillationI48.91
Congestive Heart FailureI50.9
Carotid Artery Occlusion, BilateralI65.23
Carotid Artery Stenosis, BilateralI65.23
Carotid Artery OcclusionI65.29
Carotid Artery StenosisI65.29
Cerebral AtherosclerosisI67.2
Ischaemic Cerebrovascular DiseaseI67.9
Peripheral Vascular DiseaseI73.9

Circulatory System Diseases

DiagnosisICD-10 Code
Angina Pectoris, NOSI20.9
Myocardial Infarction, Acute, Anterior (initial episode of care)I21.09
Myocardial Infarction, Acute, Unspecified (initial episode of care)I21.3
ASHD Coronary ArteryI25.10
ASHD, UnspecifiedI25.10
CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)/ASHDI25.10
Old Myocardial InfarctionI25.2
Coronary Atherosclerosis Due To Calcified Coronary LesionI25.84
Chronic Ischaemic Heart DiseaseI25.9

Hypertensive Disease

DiagnosisICD-10 Code
Malignant HypertensionI10
Benign HypertensionI10
Hypertension, UnspecifiedI10
Malignant Hypertension Heart Disease with Heart FailureI11.0
Benign Hypertension Heart Disease with Heart FailureI11.0
Unspecified Hypertension Heart Disease with Heart FailureI11.0
Malignant Hypertension Heart Disease without Heart FailureI11.9
Benign Hypertension Heart Disease without Heart FailureI11.9
Unspecified Hypertension Heart Disease without Heart FailureI11.9

Metabolic and Nutritional Diseases

DiagnosisICD-10 Code
Diabetes Mellitus, II with HyperglycemiaE11.65 
Diabetes Mellitus, II ControlledE11.9
Vitamin D DeficiencyE55.9
Pure HypertriglyceridemiaE78.1
Hyperlipidemia, MixedE78.2
Hyperlipidemia, UnspecifiedE78.5
Dysmetabolic SyndromeE88.81
Insulin ResistanceE88.81
Metabolic SyndromeE88.81

Abnormal Glucose

DiagnosisICD-10 Code
Elevated Fasting GlucoseR73.01
Impaired Fasting GlucoseR73.01
Abnormal GlucoseR73.09

Supplementary Health Status

DiagnosisICD-10 Code
Screening for Lipid DisordersZ13.220
Long Term Use of High-Risk MedicationZ79.899 
Family History of Cardiovascular DiseaseZ82.49
Family History of Ischemic Heart DiseaseZ82.49

Common Cardiology Codes (CPT)

In short, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are as crucial as ICD codes for medical coding and billing. While ICD codes indicate the disease/cause, CPT codes indicate the procedures used to treat the disease.

For this reason, the list given below shows the number of CPT codes for each cardiovascular category.

DiagnosisCPT Codes
Therapeutic Cardiovascular Services and Procedures92920-92998
Cardiography Procedures93000-93050
Cardiovascular Monitoring Services93224-93278 
Implantable, Insertable, and Wearable Cardiac Device Evaluations93260-93298
Echocardiography Procedures93303-93356
Cardiac Catheterization Procedures93451-93592
Intracardiac Electrophysiological Procedures/Studies93600-93662
Peripheral Arterial Disease Rehabilitation93668-93668
Non-invasive Physiologic Studies and Procedures93701-93790
Home and Outpatient International Normalized Ratio (INR) Monitoring Services93792-93793
Other Cardiovascular Procedures93797-93799

Shunting Procedures

DiagnosisCPT Codes
Transcatheter arterial septostomy (TAS) for congenital cardiac anomalies33741
Transcatheter intracardiac shunt (TIS) creation by stent placement for congenital cardiac anomalies33745

Also, the code for each additional intracardiac shunt location is +33746. However, this should be listed separately. 

Percutaneous Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

Here, you can see the different common CPT cardiology codes for Insertion of ventricular assist device, percutaneous, including radiological S&I:

Right Heart, Venous Access Only33995
Left Heart, Arterial Access Only33990

Other CPT codes for VAD:

Left Heart, Both Arterial and Venous Access, with Transeptal Puncture33991
Removal of Percutaneous Left Heart Ventricular Assist Device, Arterial or Arterial and Venous Cannula(s), at a separate and distinct session from insertion (Includes removal of cannulas).33992
Removal of Percutaneous Right Heart Ventricular Assist Device, Venous Cannula, at a separate and distinct session from insertion.33997
Repositioning of Percutaneous Right or Left Heart Ventricular Assist Device with Imaging Guidance at a separate and distinct session from insertion.33993

Interatrial Septal Shunt Device

DiagnosisCPT Codes
Percutaneous Transcatheter Implantation of Interatrial Septal Shunt Device, including Right and Left Heart Catheterization, Intracardiac Echocardiography, and Imaging Guidance by the Proceduralist, when performed.0613T

Replacement of Substernal Defibrillator Generator

DiagnosisCPT Codes
Removal and Replacement of Substernal Implantable Defibrillator Pulse Generator0614T

Automated Quantification of Plaque

DiagnosisCPT Codes
Automated Quantification and Characterization of Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaque to Assess Severity of Coronary Disease, using Data from Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography; Data Preparation and Transmission, Computerized Analysis of Data, with Review of Computerized Analysis Output to Reconcile Discordant Data, Interpretation, and Report0623T
Data Preparation and Transmission0624T
Computerized Analysis of Data from Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography0625T
Review of Computerized Analysis Output to Reconcile Discordant Data, Interpretation, and Report0626T

Endovascular Venous Arterialization

DiagnosisCPT Codes
Endovascular Venous Arterialization Tibial, or Peroneal Vein, with Transcatheter Placement of Intravascular Stent Graft(s) and Closure by Any Method, Including Percutaneous or Open Vascular Access, Ultrasound Guidance for Vascular Access when performed, All Catheterization(s) and Intraprocedural Road-mapping and Imaging Guidance Necessary to Complete the Intervention, All Associated S&I when performed0620T

Transcatheter Ultrasound Ablation of Nerves of Pulmonary Arteries

DiagnosisCPT Codes
Percutaneous Transcatheter Ultrasound Ablation of Nerves Innervating the Pulmonary Arteries, Including Right Heart Catheterization, Pulmonary Angiography, and All Imaging Guidance0632T

In summary, these are some common cardiology codes used in the US revenue cycle management. It is important to ensure correct codes are used and avoid making any errors during data entry. Before entering the medical coding & billing industry, one must get trained and certified by a reputed institution.

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