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Resume Building

Resume-building is one of the most critical tasks while job hunting. To understand how to build a good resume, we must determine what a resume is and why it is essential.

What is a resume?

A resume is a document that an aspiring employee gives to potential employers during job interviews. It consists of one’s skills, work experience, and contact information.

Why is a resume important?

A resume is vital to help a person stay organized. A good resume contains all the information an employer would need while considering one for a job. Properly organizing one’s resume also helps to not miss out on essential points during the interview.

Types of resumes

There are three main types of resumes one can choose between, based on the nature of the job they are applying for:

  1. Chronological Resume: Educational qualifications are in chronological order followed by work experience in the same order. In fact, this has been used worldwide for a long time and is considered one of the most popular resume formats.
  1. Reverse Chronological Resume: Presently, this is the most famous format for a resume. It has your more recent work experience or educational qualification and goes backward from there. This format helps divert the employer’s attention to the employee’s current/recent work. Besides, it is extra helpful if the recent work experience/qualification relates to the job position one has applied for.
  1. Functional Resume: The design of a functional resume focuses on one’s relevant skills rather than on work experience or educational qualification. One must expand on their skills and add information on where these skills have proven helpful in their work. This helps the employer understand the skills that would help with the job position.
  1. Combination Resume: This format for a resume only focuses on the detailed information required for the job position. Hence, it highlights relevant work experience, educational qualification, special skills, and other additional information.

How to build a good resume

Resume building is as important as a job interview, if not more important. Employers only read those resumes that seem eye-catching, so it is essential to highlight some points to make a good resume.

Below are a few tips to make sure one’s resume stays organized and easy to read.

  1. Pick a suitable format and layout: One should choose a simple layout for their resume. The structure of a resume must be direct and easy to navigate through.
  1. Add contact information: A hiring employer should know the basic details of the interviewees. Employers use the contact information given in the resume to contact a person regarding their interview, hence, it is crucial for one’s contact information to be clear and visible on the resume.
  1. Use a summary: A resume summary is a short gist of what an employer would find in the resume. Usually, employers take a few seconds to scan through the interviewee’s resume, so the summary must be eye-catching and intriguing enough for the employer to want to read more.
  1. List work experience and achievements: What an employer looks for most in his interviewees is their work experience and achievements. One must mention both sections clearly, and achievements should have summaries that the employer can quickly skim over.
  1. Mention top hard and soft skills: Skills relevant to the desired position should be mentioned, with the most relevant ones first, followed by the others. Hard skills involve knowing various computer programs. Some soft skills include communication, leadership skills, problem-solving, etc. 
  1. Include additional information: Other information such as languages known, hobbies, additional activities will help enhance the skills. In the case of creative fields, one can mention personal blogs or vlogs.
  1. Tailor information for the desired job: One must make sure their resume must adhere to the desired position. Like the skills mentioned, the information that relates most to the job one is applying for must be on the top, followed by other relevant information.
  1. Use business format: A resume must look professional in every aspect. The writing must be formal and professional. Additionally, aspiring employees should use a business format to increase their chances of being chosen for the job.
  1. Proofreading is a must: One must always proofread their resume thoroughly. In short, the resume must not have any spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Doing this also ensures the seriousness and professionality of the aspiring employee.

While these tips help one create a proper resume, many resume-building platforms on the internet offer various templates and formats that help generate a resume best suited for the aspiring job.

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