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What is Teleradiology?

Teleradiology is the process of transmitting radiological images such as x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans electronically to other locations to share with other radiologists and physicians. Furthermore, it is a subset of telemedicine.


1996- The first successful use of Teleradiology in India by Jankharia, a private-sector imagine center in Mumbai. It was a simple system for transferring images from the imaging center to the doctor’s home.

1997- The first public demonstration by Siemens at the Annual Congress of Indian Radiology and Imaging Association.

2002- The introduction of the first company in India, Teleradiology Solutions, based in Bangalore. They read scans for hospitals in the USA.

Advantages of Teleradiology Services in India

There are many advantages of outsourcing services from India. Some of them being: 

  1. Cost: The costs are comparatively cheaper than other countries and hence, offer a monetary advantage.
  2. Cost effective: A radiologist in India earns approximately USD 60,000 per year, while a radiologist in the US would earn up to USD 350,000 per year.
  3. Time difference: If a physician wanted the images interpreted during the nighttime, a radiologist working in India would find it easier to do so as it would be daytime in India.
  4. Skilled support staff: India has an exceptional workforce trained for offshore jobs and tends to get into BPO and IT.

Job Opportunities

The pandemic caused a significant drop in radiology jobs. However, recently, there has been a spike in the requirements of radiologists. Due to a huge demand for outsourcing teleradiology services from India, the opportunities will only grow higher and higher.

Scope for Growth

According to Outsource2india, “it is being predicted that around 20% of the nation’s diagnostic imaging business valued at about $15 billion per year, will soon be provided through teleradiology.”

Starting a career in Teleradiology now will prove to be fruitful in the future as there is a high market for it, and the best place for that is India.

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