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Importance of Body Language

The importance of body language is that it reflects a person’s innermost feelings, such as confidence, distress, helplessness, etc. The importance of good body language is that it helps employees appear confident and assertive.

What is body language?

Body language is a non-verbal type of communication. In other words, it is the use of physical behavior like facial expressions, hand gestures, and mannerisms to communicate with others. Good communication requires good body language. Maintaining good body language is very important. It helps employees appear confident and sure of themselves. This ensures that they appear calm and collected as compared to those who have poor body language.

Poor body language

  • Bad posture – Having a bad posture, such as slouching and droopy shoulders, can drain down one’s confidence. Additionally, it is visible to others that the person is not confident and can affect that person negatively.
  • Avoiding eye contact- Avoiding eye contact is a sign of being weak and feeble. 
  • Poor voice quality- Having a high-pitched, screechy voice can make one seem less confident. Meanwhile, a confident voice shows authority and demands attention.
  • Exaggerated gestures- Someone who flails their arms around a lot is not deemed professional. Using too many hand gestures while speaking also diverts people’s attention from the main message one wants to convey.
  • Fidgeting- People who are not confident tend to fidget a lot. For example, constantly moving in their seats, playing with their fingers, biting their nails, etc., can be considered signs of weakness.

How to correct it

  • Straight posture- Sitting straight with their head held high is seen as a sign of being confident. 
  • Firm handshake- A firm handshake is a professional handshake. It shows the confidence and assertiveness of the person and had the power to dictate the room.
  • Maintaining eye contact- When a person avoids eye contact, they seem weak and unsure. On the other hand, when a person looks directly in the eye while conversing, they appear confident.
  • Using appropriate gestures- Using hand gestures does attract the audience towards a person, but using too many gestures might just distract them. It is essential to know your audience and the message one wants to deliver before using appropriate gestures.
  • Avoid fiddling- Fiddling is a sign of powerlessness and indecisiveness. On the other hand, having a confident gaze and stride helps one deliver their message better.
  • Commanding voice- A deep, booming voice catches more attention than a timid, squeaky voice. One must learn to command in a confident voice rather than appear small and uncertain.

Someone who has the proper posture, maintains eye contact, and speaks confidently radiates confidence. Additionally, this is a leadership quality that many employers admire and look for in employees.

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