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Job Opportunities in Medical Billing

What is Medical Billing?

Before we begin to explore job opportunities in medical billing, let us understand it. Medical billing is the second step in a long process, the first being medical coding. It involves healthcare providers submitting claims to insurance companies and collecting payments for their services. The medical report, coded by medical coders, includes the diagnosis and treatment the patient underwent. 

  1. Medical billers often act as a bridge between insurance companies and patients by submitting medical claims and ensuring claim payment.
  2. Medical billing is a term used to broadly describe the claim submission process in the US that is now being adopted by other parts of the world, like India and UAE.
  3. Earlier, medical billers used paper for medical billing, but it has become a faster and much more manageable task with the digital era’s rise.

Medical Billing Training

Medical billing training doesn’t take too long. In fact, one can become a professional medical biller by finishing an 11-18 month accredited course. Additionally, they have to pass the Certified Professional Biller (CPB) exam. 

Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding is a two-year degree one can pursue to continue their education.

Certified Professional Coder and the American Academy of Professional Coders are some of the most sought-after credentials for employers.

Job Opportunities in Medical Billing

As India sees growth in its KPO/BPO services, job opportunities in medical billing are also increasing. Moreover, the need for medical billers is growing by the minute. Flexible work timings, decent pay grades, and job security have termed a respectable career in healthcare services.


A medical biller with 1-4 years experience gets ₹20,000 to ₹30,000 per month. On the other hand, experienced billers and senior managers get around ₹1 lakh to 4 lakhs. To know more about medical billing training programs, click here.

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